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Some of my work at Al Jazeera (AJAM & AJE) involved Special Topic and Spotlight coverage pages that aggregated news, features, op-eds, TV programs, video clips, data interactives, and background explainers. Here are a few archival ones I built Click for in-depth coverageusing in-house CMS tools:

Al Jazeera America

Government Shutdown Congressional deadlock as government budget battle continues and debt ceiling looms.

The Cost of Health Care In-depth coverage of the political debate over the future of American medical care.

US-Iran Diplomacy News and analysis on geopolitical developments between Washington and Tehran.

Oslo at 20: Unfinished Peace Process Reflecting on the historic 1993 accord two decades later.

Syria’s War Extensive coverage of the civil war in Syria, as chemical weapons destruction begins.

Egypt in Turmoil Coverage of the crisis in Egypt in the aftermath of the coup to unseat Mohamed Morsi.

Al Jazeera English

Iran Elections News and analysis of 2013 presidential contest as Ahmadinejad finishes second term.
Unfinished Revolutions Extensive coverage of ongoing political turmoil in Tunisia with government on verge of collapse.
Pakistan Elections Coverage of 2013 general election across politically divided South Asian nation.
Turkey Protests Extensive coverage of political unrest that spread from Istanbul to other areas.Iran Elections
Malaysia Elections In-depth coverage of May 5 vote to select new parliament and prime minister.
Afghanistan’s Challenge The country’s struggles after over a decade of US military presence.
Korea Tensions  Al Jazeera looks at the escalation of military threats between N Korea and geopolitical rivals.
Ten Years in Iraq In-depth coverage looking back at the past decade, on anniversary of 2003 US-led invasion.
Choosing the pope Follow coverage as papal conclave elects next leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
Crisis in Bangladesh Extensive coverage of war crimes tribunals and controversial calls for blasphemy laws.
Kenya Elections Follow our in-depth coverage as the East African nation elects a new president.
Wildlife SOS Delegates gather at 16th meeting of CITES to stop illegal international trade in fauna and flora.
Obama’s New Term  A look at critical US issues as President Barack Obama starts four more years in the White House.
Davos 2013 Annual meeting of business elite convenes in Switzerland amid global financial uncertainty.
Israel Election Follow Al Jazeera’s reporting on the vote for the 19th Knesset and the formation of a new government.
2013 Lookahead Big stories from around the world to watch for during the next 12 months.
2012 Review Read up on the top news stories during the past 12 months around the world.
Doha COP18 Follow our in-depth coverage of negotiations at the UN Climate Change Conference in Qatar.

Spotlight coverage of attacks after anti-Islam video

US Elections 2012 Comprehensive coverage of the presidential campaigns in the run-up to the November 6 vote.

Venezuela Election News developments from across the South American nation as voters choose the next president.

Provocation and Protest In response to anti-Muhammad trailer, protesters lash out at US and other diplomatic targets.

Sudan Protests In-depth coverage of anti-government demonstrations in Khartoum and around the country.

Iran Tensions In-depth coverage of an escalating regional debate about Iran’s geopolitical power and the West.

Libya Elections News, features and programmes on the post-Gaddafi country’s first free election in over four decades.

Euro Crisis Eurozone nations confront widespread financial uncertainty and economic weakness.

Korea Conundrum In-depth coverage of tension in Northeast Asia surrounding Pyongyang’s botched rocket launch.

The Kony Debate Analysing the political discussion surrounding a viral campaign targeting the Ugandan rebel chief.

DPRK from Kim Il-Sung to Kim Jong-Un

Egypt’s revolution: One year on Al Jazeera explores the first anniversary of the uprising born in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Iraq’s Challenge US troops have withdrawn from Iraq at the end of 2011. What has been the cost of almost a decade of war?

Somalia Conflict Al Jazeera’s in-depth coverage on the political and military aspects of regional instability.



In conjunction with the New Media section, this project focused on innovative communication strategies that hoped to give voice to under-covered people, places, and issues:

Pakistan Speaks Voters tell Al Jazeera via SMS that education, corruption and the economy are top concerns ahead of May 11 poll.

Mali Speaks Al Jazeera surveys the Malian public for perspectives on French intervention to stop advance by heavily armed rebels.

Cultivating alternative perspectives in the Kony Debate

Libya Speaks Libyans explain via text message their thoughts about the first free national vote in more than 40 years.

Uganda Speaks As part of the Kony Debate, Al Jazeera highlights voices of ordinary Ugandans who are weighing in on the issues.

Somalia Speaks Al Jazeera English is undertaking the first-ever large-scale survey of Somali citizen sentiment.

Other pages

At AJE I worked on a few pages for the international relations department:

Demand Al Jazeera in the USA (no longer available after the launch of AJAM) Five years since Al Jazeera English launched, the channel is still only available in a handful of US cities.

Five Years of Al Jazeera English Click to view the most memorable videos and popular content from the first half-decade.

2011 US media coverage of Al Jazeera Attention from American news outlets shows network is in the spotlight, but not yet widely available on TV.

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