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‘Soul of Havana’: Cultural trip (4/21/2014) Americans on a people-to-people tour gaze at stylish cars and crumbling buildings as they transcend ordinary tourism.


Cuban cigar sales rising, despite embargo (3/24/2014) Despite decades-old sanctions, Havana’s International Cigar Festival showcases a nearly half-billion dollar industry.
Tennessee Political Signs (10/16/12 — Link down) Campaign banners in Nashville from both Republican and Democratic candidates.
In Pictures: Oklahoma City bombing memorial (10/08/12) Visitors at site of 1995 tragedy talk about “terrorism” and how they feel toward the candidates in November’s election.
Gbagbo supporters arrested in Paris (07/26/12 –Link down) Loyalists to the former president of Cote D’Ivoire rally in the French capital.
In pictures: Tel Aviv’s African migrants (06/24/12) Fresh uncertainties face thousands seeking a better life, as Israel launches a crackdown with a view to deport them.
In Pictures: Pilgrimage returns to Djerba (05/14/12) Tunisian Jews hold the annual festival on tourist island, despite the community’s doubts over its future.
Kurdistan on eve of US withdrawal (12/15/11 –Link down) Photos from the region of northern Iraq as American troops prepare to depart.

Salmaniya to the Pearl (02/19/11) Traumatized by a brutal security crackdown, Bahrain’s anti-government protesters return.

Salmaniya to the Pearl

Goodbye, Abu Takki (02/18/11) Loved ones, neighbours, and Bahrainis of varied social classes bury a young Shia man.
Bahrain Friday Funeral (02/18/11) In the Sitra area of Manama, the funeral procession and burial of Ali Ahmed Al-Muamin.
Aftermath of Manama Crackdown (02/17/11) Bahrain’s military cleared out protesters from the city’s main square.
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Iraq violence continues after US withdrawal (03/08/12) Photo timeline of unrelenting attacks that have kept killing several hundred per month since American troops pulled out.
Dhaka street kids document selves (03/09/11) Under an innovative project run by Plan Bangladesh, 14 street children from Dhaka were trained in photography.
The Domino effect: Pan-Arab unrest (01/20/11) Interactive of anti-government protests from Tunisia to Egypt, Yemen and Jordan, with pro-Western regimes under threat.
In Photos: Pakistan flood survivors (02/26/11) This week marks six months since the onset of devastating floods in South Asia that wreaked havoc on millions.
In Pictures: New Year’s Fireworks (01/01/11) Across the world from Taiwan to Estonia, revelers celebrate 2011 with festivities and bright lights.
Santa from Japan to the Holy Land (12/24/10) Across the Asian continent, Christians and others don Santa Claus costumes in celebration of Christmas.
Photo timeline: Europe’s protests (12/20/10) Demonstrators across the continent continue months of anti-austerity protests, amid budget cuts and bailout programmes.
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